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Sustainable manufacturing

Reducing environmental impacts

Sustainable manufacturing has a broader implication than just the creation of manufactured products through processes that minimize negative environmental impacts while conserving energy and natural resources. This is what our ISO 14001 certification demonstrates through our continuous efforts on reducing our impact on the environment.

Actually, sustainable manufacturing or green manufacturing within Corplex can be defined as manufacturing that minimizes waste and reduces the environmental impact. These goals are obtained by adopting practices that influence the product design, process design and operational principles. Therefore, sustainable manufacturing may be defined as a system that integrates product and process design issues with issues of manufacturing. This is to plan and control, in order  to identify, quantify, assess, and manage the flow of environmental waste with the goal of ultimately reducing the environmental impact.

Sustainable manufacturing

Artemis project;
the sourcing of recycled materials

As a way to reduce natural resource extraction, Corplex is focusing in gradually increase the part of recycled materials in its production processes. This action plan is a the centre of our circular economy principles in order to support sustainable manufacturing within our company.

Our ambition is to reach a total of 30% recycled materials in our production cycles over the next 2 to 3 years. This goal means we have to continuously explore, discover and deploy new ways to increase our sourcing capabilities.

This program is currently being deployed in all our 7 factories, recently joined by a dedicated recycling activity through the acquisition of Corplex Recycling company in January 2021.

By moving this step forward, Corplex intends to be a major plastic extrusion company which places the circular economy at the heart of its manufacturing strategy.

Zero waste production management

Corplex focuses on reducing its production wastes by adapting the use of our industrial equipment to the products we manufacture. Therefore, any production waste is collected through a collection system, regrind and recycled for further use. This is the zero waste production management in place in all our factories.

At the end of the day, sustainable manufacturing is the way of the future. Businesses can no longer create products without considering how the manufacturing process will impact the environment and society.

sustainable manufactoring corplex

What is Corplex’s environmental policy?

Corplex is committed to reducing the impact on the environment in all operations.  Concern for the environment will be a fundamental part of decision making in all aspects of the company’s activities, including investment and allocation of resources.

The identification and reduction of the impact of Corplex operations on the environment is a core values of ours.

Management is committed to communicating requirements, monitoring and continuously improving our environmental impact.


Corplex aims to:

  • Lower energy usage, carbon emissions and waste throughout the entire supply chain,
  • Maximize the re-use of waste or recycled material, where practical in our products,
  • Lower our carbon emissions through proactively reducing energy use and raising the energy efficiency of our operations,
  • Use energy produced from renewable or low-carbon sources, both in-house and externally purchased, where practicable,
  • Ensure, as a minimum, compliance with all applicable legal requirements as well as meeting or exceeding other requirements to which the company has agreed to,
  • Apply risk management techniques to identify and mitigate environmental risks and impacts,
  • Consider key suppliers’ environmental policies and credentials as part of the process for their evaluation and selection,
  • Monitor and report, internally and externally, the environmental impact of Corplex operations,
  • Strive for continuous environmental improvement through the setting and reviewing of Key KPI objectives and targets,
  • Ensure our operations do not impact on the social dimensions, quality of life and health of our suppliers, employees, customers and local stakeholders.


To ensure that our Environmental objectives are met, Corplex expects the active cooperation, involvement and assistance of all our suppliers, employees and visitors to report all incidents that have caused, or may potentially cause, a negative environmental impact. The input of all employees into the company’s environmental programme is essential to achieving our goal of continuous improvement in this vital aspect of our business.

Sustainable manufacturing