Fibre-free Packaging
can be sustainable

Highly regulated industries, such as the pharmaceutical industry, face a unique challenge in reconciling the need for sterile packaging with sustainability efforts.


The industry demands a harmonious interplay of sterile packaging integrity and environmental consciousness, which requires collaboration, innovation, and a commitment to finding synergistic solutions. Corplex sustainable packaging experts and industry partners work together to spearhead this change. By synergizing expertise, we engineer packaging solutions that not only ensure product safety but also embrace a green planet.

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Fibre-free Materials

Polypropylene is an eco-friendly packaging material that meets both sterile packaging requirements and sustainability goals. Entirely recyclable, it maintains the necessary barrier properties crucial for pharmaceutical products and it is clean-room safe.

Minimalistic Design

We favour minimalist packaging designs that reduce material usage without compromising on structure or sterility. Eliminating excess packaging layers and components lowers unnecessary waste while still ensuring product integrity.

End-Of-Life Mindset

Our approach revolves around developing packaging that is purposefully designed for easy recycling. By incorporating recycled materials into packaging where possible, we support a circular economy and reduce environmental impact.

Made to last

Whenever possible, we collaborate with our industry partners to implement a system to enable the safe return and sterilization of certain packaging components, enabling them to be reused multiple times, helping to reduce waste generation.

Innovative Treatments

We embrace cutting-edge technologies like anti-viral and anti-bacterial treatments and barrier films. These advancements enhance sterile packaging properties while contributing to material and energy conservation.

Collaboration with Suppliers:

We work closely with both downstream suppliers and upstream distributors to help design and develop customized solutions that meet both industry-wide sterile packaging standards and your sustainability requirements.

Trusted by industry leaders

AkyPak® Pure Packaging Solutions

AkyPak® Pure range of packaging was born to answer the needs of those industries with strict hygienic requirements looking for non-shedding and lightweight packaging able to withstand humidity and ultra-low temperatures.

AkyPak® Pure Trays

Polypropylene Trays to transport your packaging in regulated environment.

AkyPak® Pure Containers

Fold flat when empty, they are compatible with all types of pallets.

AkyPak® Pure Boxes

Designed to transport and protect your pharma products.


Chemically Inert



Easy to clean

Anti-static & Fibre-free


Pharmaceutical Packaging Solutions we've designed

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Pharma Packaging made of Polypropylene: Where sustainability and safety meet

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