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Introducing the Powerhouse of Logistics: The Strength and Efficiency of Polypropylene Packaging

With our adaptable boxes and sizable foldable containers, polypropylene packaging has quickly become the leading choice to meet the evolving needs of the logistics and distribution industry.

The inherent resilience of these materials provides robust shielding for goods during transit, protecting them from external shocks and environmental factors.


In addition, the lightness of polypropylene makes for smoother handling and lower transport costs, bolstering supply chain efficiency without compromising on structural solidity.

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Sustainable Logistics Transformation

Polypropylene's Collapsible Innovation and Eco-Friendly Impact

In addition, the innovative collapsible design of polypropylene containers presents a game-changing solution, enabling efficient space utilization during storage and return shipments. This adaptability translates to significant reductions in storage space requirements and lowers carbon emissions associated with transportation. As a sustainable alternative, polypropylene packaging minimizes waste through repeated use, seamlessly aligning with the industry’s push for eco-conscious practices. In the realm of logistics and distribution, polypropylene packaging stands as a resilient and environmentally responsible choice that harmonizes protection, efficiency, and sustainability.

Packaging solutions that help reduce your CO2 footprint.

The solutions that put you on the Path to True Packaging Sustainability.

AkyPak® Reuse

Our AkyPak® Reuse range of Reusable boxes, carry cases, shippers, totes, trays, and e-commerce solutions. Crafted for durability and efficiency, our range is designed to meet your various packaging needs.

AkyPak® Containers

Unfold our AkyPak® Containers: Foldable, large, three-piece containers, also known as Pallet Boxes and Sleeve Packs. Designed for convenience and efficiency, our range maximizes your storage and transport capabilities.

AkyPak® Cube

Reach a new level with AkyPak® Cube: A game-changing solution that unlocks a second level of cargo inside your trucks. Deliver more with fewer trucks and revolutionise your logistics with double-decker efficiency.

Do you still need convincing that polypropylene packaging is the way to go?
The best is saved for last!

Embrace Sustainability: Our reusable polypropylene boxes offer a sustainable packaging solution that’s as green as it gets. With distinct environmental advantages, these durable containers can withstand multiple reuse cycles, reducing the need for single-use materials and minimizing waste. By promoting reuse and longevity, polypropylene boxes contribute to lower resource consumption, decreased landfill impact, and a reduced carbon footprint, aligning with eco-friendly practices and circular economy principles.

Make the shift to polypropylene packaging and make an impact on your operations and the planet.

Do you think Cardboard has a lower
environmental footprint than Plastic?

Think again!

Our Life Cycle Analysis dispels the myth of Plastics being an unsustainable packaging material.

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