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AkyVer® Multiwall
Polycarbonate Sheets & Systems

For Roofing For Facade For Skylight For Cladding For Shading

Enjoy the Beauty of Natural Light with Translucent Multiwall Polycarbonate for Your architectural projects

Rely on the Strength of
AkyVer® Multiwall Polycarbonate Solutions

Trusted for Over 40 Years!

For over 40 years, AkyVer® has been innovating to bring together quality materials and design with expert technical performance.


We are proud to be a symbol of durability and quality “Made in France”, building long-term partnerships with our customers through dedicated sales and technical teams.


Our factory in Kaysersberg – France, allows us to ensure the highest level of quality control while providing worldwide access to our products.

AkyVer® Sun Type Sheets

Multiwall polycarbonate sheets from 4 to 50 mm for all type of roofing or cladding applications

AkyVer® Panel System

Clip-on systems from 40 to 140mm thickness for an optimal thermal and acoustic insulation. Particularly suited for cladding applications.

AkyVer® Connect System

Systems from 16 to 40mm thickness for simple, quick and effective installation. Ideal for roofing and cladding.

AkyVer® Prime

Optional accessories range to ease & enhance your project

akyver windows

AkyVer® Brise Soleil

Polycarbonate -brise soleil systems that break’s up the sun’s rays for higher comfort

akyver windows

Over 1000 architectural projects
carried out worldwide

Don't Waste Valuable Resources:
Embrace the Benefits of Polycarbonate and commit to Circular Economy

Our conviction is that any materials that can be recycled deserve a better place than incineration. The objective is to reduce the quantity of waste sent to landfills and develop a more sustainable cradle-to-cradle approach of our polycarbonate products.

That is why we work hand in hand with our partners by providing a hassle-free Plastics Recovery Program. As a win-win partnership with our customers, the program will allow businesses to improve their sustainability efforts through an easily accessible, closed-loop recycling channel for your post-industrial polycarbonate waste.

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