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Sheets for

Sustainable Packaging Protective Applications Vibrant Print

We are the original manufacturers of AkyLux® twinwall polypropylene sheets

Corplex is the original manufacturer of the twin-wall polypropylene sheet, AkyLux®. The AkyLux® brand is well-known within the twin-wall polypropylene sheet market, also known as fluted polypropylene or corrugate plastic. It is a hugely versatile plastic that is lightweight, able to withstand compression, possesses excellent tolerance of high and ultra low temperatures, and provides unparalleled protection against damage. 

AkyLux® sheets are adaptable and effortlessly transform into various applications without constraints of intricate moulds. This adaptability makes it the material of choice for affordable customisation regardless of batch size, be it for small-scale projects to very large or expansive ventures.

Furthermore, AkyLux® boasts more features such as being non-shedding and washable, twin-wall applications are ideal for industries with heightened hygiene requirements and warehouses looking to eliminate airborne particles and dust accumulation. As a leader in the industry, Corplex continues to redefine possibilities through AkyLux®, charting new horizons in the realm of twin-wall polypropylene.


Moisture Resistant

Shock Resistant


Easy to convert

Long Lifespan


Popular AkyLux® Applications:

Reusable Packaging made with AkyLux®

Renowned for its durability, versatility, and sustainability, AkyLux® stands as the epitome of innovation in packaging design.


Engineered to withstand the rigors of transit while maintaining its structural integrity, AkyLux® ensures your products reach their destination unscathed, time and time again. Its lightweight nature not only reduces shipping costs but also minimizes environmental impact, aligning seamlessly with eco-conscious initiatives.


AkyLux® offers endless possibilities for customisation, allowing you to tailor packaging to your exact specifications, whether it’s for retail, logistics, or industrial applications. With its ability to be easily fabricated, folded, and assembled, AkyLux® empowers designers to unleash their creativity without compromising on functionality or reliability.


Choose AkyLux® for your packaging needs and elevate your brand with sustainable, resilient, and visually stunning solutions that leave a lasting impression on both your customers and the planet.

AkyLux® Sign (formerly AkyPlac®)
for vibrant printing

Whether you’re spotlighting promotional posters, event signage, or retail displays, Akylux® Sign (formerly AkyPlac®) ensures remarkable print clarity and vivid colors to amplify your message. Its lightweight yet sturdy design guarantees effortless handling and enduring performance, perfectly suited for both indoor and outdoor settings.


What sets Akylux® Sign  apart is its eco-friendly nature – these sheets are fully recyclable, aligning with your sustainability goals. Plus, with our innovative in-house recycling program, we recover used sheets to recycle them, reducing environmental impact and promoting a circular economy.

AkyLux® polypropylene sheets for construction

Experience superior protection with our polypropylene sheets, a modern alternative to traditional tarpaulin. Safeguard walls, doors, ceilings, and windows effortlessly with our lightweight yet robust design.

Not only protective, our sheets are perfect for concrete formwork. AkyLux® sheets ensure a flawless finish without sticking to the concrete, unlike cumbersome wooden options. What’s more, our corrugated sheets are eco-friendly, being 100% recyclable for future use.

But that’s not all. Our twin-wall polypropylene sheets can serve as an excellent fencing solution too. Engineered for rigidity, durability, and easy installation, they can be an easy fencing solution for discouraging unauthorized access on the construction site.

Count on our polypropylene sheets for unparalleled protection and peace of mind. Whether shielding surfaces, setting up formworks, or securing sites, they represent the epitome of efficiency and environmentally conscious construction solutions.

Companies that use genuine AkyLux® solutions

Technical Specifications

Correx® Prime Correx® Recycled Correx® Certified
Thickness Range
from 2.0mm – 10.0mm
from 2.0mm – 8.0mm
from 2.0mm – 3.5mm
250gsm – 1950gsm
250gsm – 1700gsm
250gsm – 700gsm
Standard Colours
Translucent, White, Blue
Black, Grey
Translucent, White, Black
Optional Colours
Black, Silver, Red, Yellow, Dark Blue, Green
Optional Additives
Anti-static, Electrostatic Discharge (ESD),
Flame Retardant, UV
Flame Retardant
Factory Print Options
Flexographic, Screen, Digital

Commit to a Circular Economy
with our Plastics Recovery Program

Our program creates a win-win partnership with our customers,
allowing you to…

Improve your sustainability efforts

Reduce your plastic waste

Save money on disposal fees

Free up warehouse space

Get paid for your plastic waste

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