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Polypropylene sheets stand as a hallmark for versatility and durability in plastic materials.

They’re known for their exceptional strength-to-weight ratio and their resistance to moisture, chemicals, and UV radiation, as they embody form and function.

These sheets are used across diverse industries for applications including packaging, vehicle lining, signage and construction. Their lightweight nature and excellent thermal and electrical insulation properties make them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Our sheets are available in virgin, recycled, or mixed blends, further enhancing their appeal as a practical and sustainable material choice.


Moisture Resistant

Shock Resistant


Easy to convert

Long Lifespan


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Bespoke to your needs

Our extruded polypropylene sheets are non-shedding, washable, and available with recycled content, a range of additives or treatments & finishes, such as…


Polypropylene (PP) has a low surface energy that can make printing on it challenging. Adding a corona additive can increase the material’s surface energy, allowing better adhesion of inks, coatings, and adhesives. By using a corona additive, polypropylene sheet can be printed with high-quality ink adhesion, colour saturation, and image resolution.


Anti-static additive can be added to prevent static electricity build-up on the surface, which could be dangerous and damage equipment. The additive alters the electrical properties of the sheet to prevent products sticking, dust attraction, sparks and explosions in hazardous environments.

UV Treatment

Polypropylene sheet is a very versatile material, however prolonged sunlight exposure can discolour and degrade it.

This is where UV additives are commonly used to prevent this by absorbing UV rays and minimise the negative effects. UV additives improve durability and maintain the appearance of polypropylene sheets for visually pleasing, long-lasting applications such as signage, marine, and agricultural industries.


Polypropylene sheet with an anti-slip feature that makes it ideal for flooring and surfaces. The rough texture is achieved through chemical additives that increase grip and reduce slips and falls. It’s commonly used in industrial and commercial settings, such as warehouses, factories, and loading docks.

Flame Retardant
Polypropylene sheet flame retardant additives enhance the fire resistance of PP sheets by slowing down fire spread and reducing flame intensity. It forms a protective layer that inhibits ignition and makes PP sheet ideal for flame-resistant applications. This additive meets industry safety standards and does not affect PP sheet physical or mechanical properties.
Polypropylene sheet anti-corrosive additive prevents degradation and rusting of polypropylene sheets due to corrosion. It forms a protective layer against harsh chemicals and saltwater, extending the material’s lifespan and reducing the risk of premature failure.
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We have extruded & converted polypropylene sheets since 1972

Cost-effective, Lightweight & sturdy

Manufactured using prime or recycled material formulations, our polypropylene sheets are renowned for their versatility. They can be converted to suit a variety of solutions such as packaging, display & signage, temporary protection, or vehicle lining & flooring.

Extruded polypropylene sheets are a cost-effective material that is lightweight, robust, impact-resistant, and impenetrable to dirt, oil, and water. 

Easy to convert into sustainable packaging

Our sheets are a popular choice for converting into packaging applications because they are simple to crease, fold, glue, and weld.

The best alternative to disposable material

Their durability, resistance to water absorption, and capacity to be folded, returned and reused numerous times make them a low-carbon and sustainable alternative to heavy or disposable materials such as wood, cardboard or PVC.

Commit to a Circular Economy
with our Plastics Recovery Program

Our program creates a win-win partnership with our customers,
allowing you to…

Improve your sustainability efforts

Reduce your plastic waste

Save money on disposal fees

Free up warehouse space

Get paid for your plastic waste

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