Automotive Solutions

Custom-made Packaging for Automotive Components

We design and manufacture packaging solutions for automotive manufacturers and their strategic parts suppliers.

Imagine a packaging solution that effortlessly aligns with the distinct characteristics of every automotive component. Our team of world-class designers makes this vision a reality.


With precision and care, each AkyPak® packaging solution is carefully designed to optimize space, eliminate transport damage, avoid waste and streamline handling by tailoring boxes, containers and totes to the dimensions, form, and quantity of each component, flawlessly aligning with their supply chain requirements.

Automotive Packaging Solutions we've designed

AkyPak® Elec

Packaging Solutions for EV Batteries
and Electronics

We are also committed to supporting the industry’s transitioning from internal-combustion engines to hybrid and electric vehicles.


Our AkyPak® Elec packaging range has been specially designed to accommodate the transportation and storage needs of sensitive electronic components such as boards, electrified powertrains, computer chip, semiconductors, traction inverters, and lithium-based battery systems.


Interior components & van lining solutions

While packaging constitutes a significant part of our offering, it is not the only thing we do in the automotive industry. AkyBoard®, our bubble-core polypropylene sheets, are also used for interior components such as flooring, wall lining, and seat backing due to their lightweight, durable, and vibration-dampening properties.


Moisture Resistant

Shock Resistant


Easy to convert

Long Lifespan


Trusted by many
in the automotive industry

It's been scientifically proven!

Our mission is to work closely with our customers to introduce efficient solutions to reduce the impact of their business on the environment which we can do by extending the life of plastic products through re-use and recycling.

After just 6 cycles, our box was proven to have a lower CO2 footprint compared to it’s cardboard equivalent.


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