Plastics Recovery Program

Monetize your used plastics while caring for the planet

Give your plastics products a new life

Corplex offers a hassle-free Plastics Recovery scheme to buy your discarded polypropylene / polycarbonate products. Once your used plastics reach us, we will mechanically grind them to obtain good-quality plastic flakes that can be used to manufacture new products.

By selling your used products to us, you will have peace of mind that they do not end up in a landfill or incineration plant, but that they are recycled and repurposed into new products.

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Quick & Easy program in only 4 steps!

1. Email Us

Send us an e-mail. A representative will contact you to learn about the types of plastics you need to dispose of.

2. Get Your Quote

Corplex will make you an offer for your plastic material, including the provision of containers to facilitate the collection process.

3. Collect & Sort Your Used Plastics

Once your container needs a retrieval just send us an email. We will organize the collect directly on your site.

4. Monitise Your Plastics

As soon as the shipment is received and processed, Corplex will issue the agreed-upon payment amount.

Improvement of
your brand image

Reduce your
plastic waste

Save money on
disposal fees

Free up
warehouse space

Get paid for your plastic waste

They transitioned to a Circular Economy

Bluetek testimonial (Polycarbonate)

Bluetek is French company specialized in natural smoke ventilation and zenithal roof lighting.


Strongly commited into waste reduction and sustainability, Bluetek is taking part in the plastics recovery program with us for many years.


Our long-term collaboration leads to more than 40 tons of polycarbonate waste being recovered and recycled every year to be repurposed for new applications.

Becker testimonial (Polypropylene)

BECKER print//design is a German company providing printed material, such as labels for the horticulture industry.


It is since 2018 that BECKER print // design is taking part in the Corplex Plastics Recovery Program.


It allows BECKER print//design to close the loop directly with Corplex. Making the waste management and recycling simpler and avoiding the need intermediary via a recycler.

Corplex Recycling

Corplex Recycling treats over ten thousand tonnes of plastic a year, shredded down and ready to be repurposed into new products. From collecting the waste, through to treating and shredding, we manage it all in-house.

Reuse, before you Recycle

Corplex goes beyond the traditional linear supply chain and economic model to offer products that are highly reusable, have a longer life-cycle and can be returned, recycled & repurposed at the end of its useful life.


We truly believe whilst Recycling is good, Reuse is the key to achieving the zero-waste goal of the circular economy.


That’s why all our products are designed to last for 40+ cycles of use-return-reuse. To demonstrate the merits of Reusable Packaging, an independent agency performed a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) comparing the environmental impacts of a reusable plastic box to its cardboard equivalent.

Circular Plastics Solutions

For us “Circular plastic solutions” is not just a slogan, it is at the heart of our entire corporate model to accelerate the transition to a circular economy for plastics.

Sustainability is the core value of our business strategies, each day we follow our objective to extend the life of plastic products through re-use and recycling.

Our objective is to reduce the quantity of waste sent to landfills and develop a more sustainable approach of our plastics products.

That’s why Corplex launched its Plastics Recovery Program’.

A program to recycle & re-purpose your old products into new ones at the end of their life; but to also help your business to save money, by reducing waste disposal fees, free up warehouse space, and getting paid for your waste.


It’s a win-win-win solution, for you, us and the environment!

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