Dunnage, Separators and Dividers to

Organise contents Optimise box capacity Safeguard contents

Protect and organize your items with custom-designed dunnage, separators and dividers

Beyond creating the ideal outer box to transport your items, our expert design team will not only create the ideal outer box to transport your items, but they will also optimize the internal structure. Customised dunnage, to maximize space within the box, will be fitted, ensuring efficient transportation of a larger quantity of items to be transported together without rubbing against one another or causing damage.

Dividers and separators are excellent resources for creating second, third, and numerous additional levels of storage within boxes, bins, or containers. They not only protect your contents, but also optimize space utilization, while maximizing the available storage cube.

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Make Transit Damage a thing of the past

The damage rate for in-transit goods hovers at 10% based on factors such as packaging, handling, road conditions, and distance. While the latter are beyond of our control, our AkyPak® dunnage, separators and dividers can reduce product losses throughout the supply chain. Through packaging redesign, your company can make transit damage a thing of the past!

AkyPak® dunnage, separators and dividers are designed to suit your specific products and shipping & handling processes. Your products are snuggled inside their tailor-made compartments, safeguarding them during transport and making the retrieval and handling experience more ergonomic and convenient – ultimately improving operational efficiency.

Custom-made partitions can be rigid or semi-rigid, laminated with textile, in polypropylene or foam. For added protection, antistatic or Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) treatments can also be applied when shipping and storing static sensitive components or circuit boards. Your unique requirements are prioritized when crafting your partition solutions.

Bespoke Dimensions

Moisture Resistant

Shock Resistant



Long Lifespan


A choice of Multi-material Dividers & Fittings

Rigid Dividers

Rigid dunnage made of extruded polypropylene can be adapted to any packaging type, size or shape. This means you don’t need to change your packaging, as our rigid dunnage & dividers can be made to fit your packaging. Lightweight, highly resistant, rigid dunnages can be laminated to protect and secure your products against scratches.

Textile Dividers

Fabric or textile dunnages can be adapted to various containers, boxes or shelves. They are designed to keep parts separated, prevent contact, and optimize load or the quantity of products transported. In addition, they enable the protection of oversize and irregular-shaped parts that cannot fit into regular sized pockets or compartments.

Foam Inserts

Foam dunnages are an ideal way to protect your most delicate items from scratches, shocks, and vibrations caused by handling or shipping. Available with ESD properties, they can be customized to fit the shape of various types of products. Foam dunnages are available for any type of packaging such as totes bins, trays, or boxes.


Layer pads are the ideal solution for palletisation of cans, glass and PET bottles. They are available as a basic die-cut sheet for use as a protective separator or stable base layer for goods stacked in stillages or containers. Layerpads can be made in plain or twinwall structure. Due to their 100% PP composition, they are resistant & washable.


Inserts and dunnage created by thermoforming allow for precision, enabling them to be perfectly customized to be used with automated handling systems on current production lines. They also arrange and safeguard parts for later processing and storage. Serving as a loading unit, they make transportation logistics simple and efficient.

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