Flexible Sheets

For Sustainable Packaging Vibrant Printing Inserts & dividers

Sustainable polypropylene sheet for labels, displays, or promotional packaging.

Solid AkyPlen® polypropylene sheets are strong, rigid plastic panels made from virgin or recycled polypropylene. These sheets are water, chemical, and UV radiation resistant. Their consistent and high-density composition makes them a tough material with excellent mechanical strength that does not break or tear. The uniform surface of AkyPlen® lends itself to a variety of applications, providing a stable foundation for printing, machining, or fabrication. Among the finishes available are sand, gloss, and quartz.

For applications demanding an extra layer of protection, AkyPlen® steps up with the application of the antibacterial and antiviral Sanitized® treatment. This transformation elevates AkyPlen® sheets into guardians against viruses and bacteria, rendering them a steadfast choice for clinical and hospital settings, where safety and security are paramount.


Moisture Resistant

Shock Resistant


Easy to convert

Long Lifespan


Popular AkyPlen® Applications

Advertising & Display
Semi-opaque Packaging

Companies that use flexible AkyPlen® sheets

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