We help businesses transition to a Circular Economy

At CORPLEX, we stand as your trusted partners on the path to embracing the transformative journey towards a circular economy. Our unwavering dedication to sustainability and innovation, combined with our expertise in design, manufacturing, and recycling, empowers us to facilitate this transition. Our aim is to retain our robust global presence by consistently delivering pioneering products and services that align with your evolving needs.

Our extensive product range and applications are strategically positioned to spearhead the development of innovative solutions that not only reduce carbon footprints but also minimise material waste. This journey centres around a deep understanding of your distinct requirements, as we acknowledge that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Therefore, we customise our offerings to surpass your expectations, ensuring a seamless transition towards a Circular Economy.

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Our Mission

At CORPLEX, our mission is to forge close partnerships with our customers, enabling the introduction of efficient solutions that actively diminish the environmental footprint of their businesses.

Our Vision

Our vision, symbolized by our slogan, ‘Circular Plastics Solutions‘, is dedicated to assisting businesses in expediting their journey towards a circular economy.

Our Purpose

We are committed to prolonging the life cycle of plastic packaging. Through strategies like re-use, recycle, and repurpose, we actively reduce waste by transforming these materials into new products.

To make this transition come true, we associate with

650+ employees
across 11 sites in Europe & USA

With over 650 employees spread across 11 sites in Europe and the USA, CORPLEX aspires to be a global manufacturing presence deeply integrated into every facet of the supply chain. From raw granules to finished plastic solutions, we provide a diverse array of sustainable products across various markets.

Our team of experts in design, manufacturing, and recycling is dedicated to collaborating closely with our customers to introduce efficient solutions that minimize their environmental footprint.

They speak about us

Corplex est l'un de nos plus anciens fournisseurs, avec lequel nous collaborons depuis 40 ans. La qualité a toujours été au rendez-vous. Grâce à leur catalogue de produits en constante évolution et amélioration, nous avons bénéficié de nouvelles opportunités commerciales qui ont renforcé nos relations professionnelles.

Corplex is one of our longest-standing suppliers, with whom we have collaborated for 40 years. Quality has always been guaranteed. Thanks to their constantly evolving and improving product catalogue, we have enjoyed new business opportunities, which have strengthened our business relationship.

We have been an AkyVer® customer for 15 years, mainly buying systems (clipable and connectable) for facade and roofing projects.

Together with Corplex we have designed and developed the IPC Pallet Box to be a 100% recyclable, environmentally friendly, durable, light-weight, and weather / chemical-resistant. During the last 6 years, this IPC Pallet Box has proven its success, with more than 14,000 boxes in use and about 250,000 exchanges a year over 80 international routes.

Our story so far

Corplex (formerly DS Smith Plastics, Extruded Products) boasts a rich history and vast expertise in plastics extrusion, coupled with strong partnerships with key account customers across multiple markets.


Our growth story involves the acquisition and establishment of production plants across Europe and in the USA over the past 50 years.


Start of production in Kunheim, France.


Start of production in Gloucester, UK.


Kunheim operations moved to Kaysersberg.


Start of production in Alcala, Spain.


Start of production in La Chevroliére, France.


Start of production in Wormhout, France.


Start of production in Hurbanovo, Slovakia.


Start of production in Romeoville, USA.


Business acquisition by Olympus partners. Corplex was created.


Corplex Recycling was created.

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