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Reusable Boxes & Trays to sustain the Longevity of Your Products

In the ever-evolving landscape of the food and beverage industry, polypropylene boxes are leading a revolutionary change in packaging solutions.


These sturdy solutions act as a protective shield against leakage, spillage, and damage during transit, guaranteeing that the products reach consumers’ in their prime condition. The resilience of polypropylene ensures that no external factors compromise the quality of your goods, maintaining their freshness and appeal all the way to the point of sale.


Numerous studies have concluded that, compared to single-use cardboard, reusable plastic containers can extend the shelf life of food for at least an additional 4 days. This remarkable capability not only reduces food waste but also offers customers the benefit of longer-lasting produce. In a world where sustainability is increasingly paramount, the role of these reusable polypropylene boxes and trays in promoting responsible consumption cannot be overstated.

Serving up tailor-made solutions to optimise your operations.

AkyPak® Reuse

Our AkyPak® Reuse range of Reusable boxes, carry cases, shippers, totes, trays, and e-commerce solutions. Crafted for durability and efficiency, our range is designed to meet your various packaging needs.

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AkyPak® Containers

Unfold our AkyPak® Containers: Foldable, large, three-piece containers, also known as Pallet Boxes and Sleeve Packs. Designed for convenience and efficiency, our range maximizes your storage and transport capabilities.

Dunnage, Dividers & Layerpads

Explore our range of separators and dividers: All inserts, partitions, and fittings are designed for enhanced transport protection. Each solution ensures your products are protected during transit.

Hygienic and Adaptable:
Your Go-To Reusable Boxes and Trays!

Polypropylene packaging, with their food-grade quality and non-toxic properties, are well-suited for creating hygienic and secure packaging for items like baked goods, confectioneries, and fresh produce.


They provide a protective barrier against moisture, grease, and external contaminants, preserving the quality and taste of the food. Their robustness and flexibility enable easy shaping, making them ideal for packaging items of diverse sizes and shapes.


Our boxes ensure convenient storage, transportation, and display of food and beverage products.

AkyPak Reuse Harvesting Tray Left

Maximising Efficiency with Polypropylene Layer Pads: The Perfect Solution for Storage and Transit


Our robust, food-grade polypropylene layer pads are your key to optimised storage and transportation. These versatile pads enable the efficient organisation and segregation of items on a single pallet.


Strategic placement of these pads between layers of food and beverage products allows the creation of distinct pallet levels, heightening safety and efficiency.


Despite their lightweight nature, our polypropylene layer pads are sturdy, making them perfect for quick pallet assembly and disassembly, thereby streamlining inventory management and reducing labor time during loading and unloading.


Polypropylene‘s inherent resistance to moisture, dirt, and grease assures that your products stay uncontaminated and well-protected throughout their journey in the supply chain. From canned goods and bottled beverages to packaged snacks, our layer pads act as a hygienic buffer, preserving product quality and cleanliness.

Embrace Sustainability with Reusable and Recyclable Polypropylene Layer Pads


Our polypropylene layer pads are not just reusable but also recyclable, perfectly aligning with eco-conscious packaging practices. By reducing reliance on single-use packaging materials, these pads contribute significantly to your company’s green initiatives and waste reduction efforts.

Do you think Cardboard has a lower
environmental footprint than Plastic?

Think again!

Our Life Cycle Analysis dispels the myth of Plastics being an unsustainable packaging material.


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