Reusable PP Box VS Disposable Cardboard Box

The scientific proof of the benefits of reusable packaging

Corplex and the Circular Plastics Alliance sought to prove scientifically the true environmental impact of a reusable polypropylene box compared to its single-use cardboard box equivalent. 

Real-life scenario

Boxes were studied in a real-life scenario to transport cut fresh flowers from a DC in the Netherlands to various points of sale in the UK.

Independant Study

The LCA study was conducted by The LCA Centre, according to ISO 14040 and ISO 14044 standards. It has been reviewed by two independent peer reviewers with the associated technologically relevant knowledge.

The Results: Get Benefits from only 7 cycles!

The aim for this study was to identify the breakeven point at which these PP boxes would incur a lower environmental impact than the single-use equivalent cardboard boxes.

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Life Cycle Assessment

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