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Totes, reusable boxes and high-volume foldable containers with customised interiors.

Clean-room packaging applications and reusable boxes and containers for high value cargo.

Packaging solutions to integrally protect your electronics and solid dangerous goods during shipping and storage.

A wide range of reusable e-commerce boxes and mailers, pick bins and pick wall options.

Lightweight and foldable boxes, totes, large foldable containers, solutions that optimize truck space – we have it all!

Customised packaging solutions to ship and store delicate and odd-shaped assembly components.

Durable, impact and scratch resistant sheets for protecting many different surfaces.

Corona and UV-treated sheets, die cut to measure, ready to be printed with your message.

A selection of layer pads and dividers to safely stack cans, glass / PET bottles and other items.

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Become circular with Corplex

No matter what industry you operate in, we can help close the loop!

Embrace Sustainability: Say Goodbye to Single-Use Packaging!

It is simple to eliminate single-use packaging. Introducing our collection of durable, collapsible, and lightweight boxes – built for multiple trips and a lifespan measured in years.

Our solutions are eco-friendly, recycled, and recyclable. Our reusable boxes, totes, and trays will help you stay ahead of government regulations and protect your supply chain from disruptions and potential increases in packaging materials costs.

Switching to a reusable packaging model has numerous advantages, making it an appealing option for businesses looking to reduce their environmental footprint, improve their brand image, and save costs.

Choose from a broad selection of styles: boxes, totes, trays, and all sorts of hand-held containers and embark on the journey towards a sustainable packaging future.

Success Stories

Packaging can be found everywhere. It is a critical and often overlooked component of B2B supply chains, from the simple to the complex. Corplex has successfully AND sustainably solved many of the logistics packaging needs in Pharmaceuticals, Electronics, E-commerce, and Warehousing.

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