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Actively committed to environmental challenges and to the circular economy, Corplex manufactures a number of reusable and recyclable bins, bulk containers and receptacles as a flexible solution for household, commercial and industrial recyclable materials segregation.

From paper & plastic to wastes lamps, our easily sanitised and weatherproof polypropylene solutions are ideal to meet the requirements of the recycling industry. Stackable, and foldable when empty, our solutions are designed to reduce the carbon footprint and the costs associated with logistics and transportation.

With the possibility to supply flat packed  products for simple self-assembly, our design principles eliminate the logistical problems associated with the mass distribution of injection-moulded alternatives to households or businesses.

With a lifespan of up to 20 years, our products can be fully recycled into new applications at the end of their useful life. With its take-back program, Corplex simplifies the collection and recycling process, closing the loop in the circular economy.