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Recycled Plastic Materials

For Injection Extrusion Thermoforming Rotomoulding Blow molding

For nearly 50 years, Corplex Recycling has helped industrial companies integrate

quality recycled material into their production cycles.

We are Manufacturer & Supplier
of Recycled Plastic Materials

Incorporate recycled material into your production cycle allows you to reduce costs and the carbon footprint of your activity. Corplex Recycling revalorizes and supply different types of recycled plastics.

Polypropylene (PP)

Highly used in the automotive industry, the production of floors, carpets, textiles, and food packaging.

Polyethylene (PE)

The most commonly used plastic material, whether for bottles, containers, flexible pipes, electric cable sleeves, toys, etc.

Polycarbonate (PC)

Used in a variety of industrial sectors, including the manufacturing of safety visors, optical lenses and robust transparent parts, polycarbonate is a highly resistant material.

Polystyrene (PS)

Like polypropylene, it is mainly found in the automotive industry and food packaging.

And many others like PA, PVC, ABS and plastic mixes.

Tailored Shredding and Regeneration

There are several ways to pack a material once sorted. This essentially depends on the materials and the final needs. Our compounding process allows us to create a custom product that meets your specifications.

The produced pellets constitute a new raw material ready to be used in injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, rotomoulding installations, etc.


The waste is crushed in a shredder and then dusted. Therefore, it will be presented in the form of plastic chips or flakes.


Plastic glitter is transformed into a finer powder form. This form can be used in conjunction with other forms depending on the desired result.


This process involves agglomerating thermoplastics to transform them into homogeneous pellets without altering the properties of the products.


This process of plastic regeneration consists in producing homogeneous pellets that can be easily mixed with virgin material or used as is in new production cycles. Our filtration capacity of up to 100 microns allows for use in your films or extrusions with very thin walls.

Quality & Chain of Custody guaranteed.

Control & Quality

To ensure stable and consistent products, Corplex Recycling places quality at the center of its development strategy. With this in mind, they have a laboratory capable of tracing the material throughout the entire production chain and ensuring consistent quality of its recycled material. Several quality controls are carried out throughout the manufacturing process, including
- checking the mixture
- in-process checks
- finished product checks

Measure & Test

We conduct tests on fluidity, density, and bulk density using a laboratory extruder. Mechanical tests are also carried out to develop technical specifications and ensure complete satisfaction.

Compliance & Traceability

Stay the owner and master of your material with complete traceability by entrusting your material to us. We can recycle it according to your needs (ground, regenerated, colored, filled, ...) and you will be able to reintroduce this recycled raw material with confidence into your production cycle.

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