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Our Commitment

At Corplex Recycling we don’t just sell recycled material. We offer much more than that. Every purchase you make from us represents a significant CO2 saving. By choosing our products, you are helping to preserve the environment by reducing your carbon footprint.

You’re not just buying recycled material, you’re investing in a more sustainable future for our planet.


To achieve this mission, we rely on three fundamental strategic factors:


  • Corplex Recycling helps to reduce CO² emissions year after year by recovering and recycling end-of-life plastics. We avoid producing new raw materials from fossil resources and extend the life of existing materials.
  • Our geographical location enables us to be highly responsive to local needs and to operate regular plastic waste recovery loops with our customers.
  • Our waste is fully traceable from the moment it enters our plants to the moment it leaves.
  • A “Carbon Savings Certificate” certifying the CO2 savings done by the customer for each purchase.

Our People

  • One of Corplex’s core values is well-being and enjoyment at work. The length of service of our employees is a testimonial of their commitment to their work and their positive contribution to the future of our company.
  • Health & Safety is also in the DNA of Corplex Recycling because it is by creating a safe and healthy working environment that we can create a positive impact on society.
  • Our employees are the cornerstone of our business. Recycling is first and foremost a matter of men and women.
  • We rely on ongoing training for our employees to maintain optimum levels of performance and motivation within our teams.

Our Partners

  • Recycling activity involves working with a wide range of local partners (schools, associations, other manufacturers & services businesses), with whom we have been developing partnerships for several years.
  • We share our values and our sense of responsibility with our customers and suppliers. This partnership enables each of us to be a link in a chain that promotes sustainable development.

Corplex Recycling, more than just Recycled Plastic Material

We keep you informed about the new life of your products

Traceability: all the end-of-life plastics we recover are identified from their origin to their resale.

You benefit from an attractive program based on your geographical location

The closer you are, the lower the fares are and the smaller is the carbon footprint.

Staying one step ahead of carbon footprint regulations

For each order delivered, we provide a "Carbon Savings Certificate" enabling you to measure your positive contribution to the carbon impact by using recycled material rather than virgin material. So you can measure your contribution to sustainability.

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