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The Eco Design Approach

Eco design is both a principle and an approach. It consists of integrating environmental protection criteria over a product’s lifecycle. Eco design aims at anticipating and minimizing negative environmental impacts encountered during the manufacturing or the use of the products. 

Eco design is part of a global approach that supports a product’s entire lifecycle in a circular economy perspective by saving and recycling natural resources in a optimal way.

eco design

Here are some stages that we should take into account, such as : raw material extraction and supply, manufacturing, product distribution, customer use, end of life (recovery and recycling)

Some criteria also need to be considered such as : consumption of raw materials, energy consumption, releases in the natural environment and other pollutants, climate impacts

Eco-design can have some goals and principles like : using fewer materials and resources for manufacturing products, using materials and resources obtained with a minimum environmental impact, producing the least waste and pollution possible, reducing the ecological impacts of distribution, making reusing and recycling easier by intelligent design that makes disassembly easy

At Corplex, our eco design approach involves our suppliers as well as our manufacturing processes. All the people and structures involved all over the supply chain and the product’s lifecycle, are also included.

For instance, most of our packaging solutions are entirely designed with a 100% PP composition. This is a key success factor to accelerate and support an easy disposal and recycling at the end of their life-cycle. Designing products that have a longer lifecycle and that can be reused for many times is also part of our eco design approach.

And finally, designing and manufacturing solutions that include a considerable part of recycled material and that are 100 recyclable at the end of their lifecycle, is part of Corplex’ philosophy and our contribution to the circular economy of plastics.

eco design