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Webinar – Reuse is the future of Packaging

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On the 6th July, we hosted our first ever webinar together with Kras Recycling; where we discussed the Circular Economy and how reuse is the future of Packaging.

Single-use packaging creates waste. Despite many efforts, waste mismanagement has become a significant global issue for our planet. Litter can be seen everywhere around us – trapped in fences along the roads, in fields, along hiking paths… Meanwhile, there is a misconception that Carboard is good and Plastic is bad. But is this really true? Or are there other lenses we should be looking through?

When choosing to adopt a Reuse packaging mindset instead of the current use-dispose-recycle packaging model, businesses realize that… The best waste is no waste!

Corplex & Kras Recycling offer solutions to companies willing to make the transition from the traditional Linear supply chain to a Circular Economy model for packaging. Naturally, switching to circular plastic solutions requires some organizational adjustments, but the effort is worthwhile.

Did you know that you could save up to 57% costs on your logistics expenses, and curb your scope 3 CO2 emissions by 32%?

In the webinar we discussed:

  • The benefits of Reusable and returnable Packaging from both an environmental impact and cost perspective.
  • What are the key business conditions which favour the switch to a Reusable Packaging model?
  • Critical capabilities and business partners to make Reuse work.
  • Benefits of Reusable Packaging from a cost and environmental impact standpoint.
  • The importance of cradle-to-cradle thinking in Packaging design.
  • How can Reusable Packaging make logistics processes more efficient.

Our speakers:

Lucas van der Schalk
CEO, Corplex

Having worked in the Automotive Industry means he is very aware of efficient use of materials and transportation. His experience working with DS Smith has given an insight into the limitations of single-use and recycle model as a primary solution to our carbon emissions.

Henk Kras
Kras Recycling BDM & Circular Plastics Director

Has spent his whole life in the recycling Industry with his family roots stretching back almost 100 years as the main recycling families in Volendam, NL. Henk is a visionary who has been able to convince different parts of the Dutch industry to commit to the Circular Plastics Economy.