Recolight Extends Use of AkyPak Containers for The Collection and Transport of Waste Lamps

Working closely with Recolight, the Corplex’ team designed the RB19 containers specifically for the safe storage of waste lamps in compliance with annex VIII of the WEEE directive. The objective is for secure, water resistant and lockable storage for a range of waste fluorescent and other lamps.

Recolight is accredited by the Environment Agency as a WEEE Producer Compliance Scheme and has a duty to separately collect and treat WEEE.

Made of extruded polypropylene plastics, Recolight’s RB19 containers are durable (excellent weight to strength ratio), lightweight, water resistant, stackable, and foldable when empty which reduces costs associated with logistics and transportation. Furthermore, load optimization and lighter truck-loads can reduce CO2 emissions for a cleaner environment.

The breakage of waste lamps that can occur during their collection and transport is probably the biggest source of fugitive mercury emissions associated with lamp recycling. This makes the design and the material used in the production of the container that transports this hazardous waste important for both safety and environmental reasons.

transport collection waste lamp

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