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The online retail market, also known as ‘E-tail’ is well developed in the UK and is flourishing at a good pace throughout Europe.  Not surprisingly an online retailer, saw the need to improve operational efficiencies in their warehouses and approached Corplex in Kayersberg, France.

The challenges

The company supports Corporate Social Responsibility requirements (CSR), and was interested in sustainable and ergonomic order picking solutions for their warehouse locations.

The solution requirements included ergonomics and durability to withstand the toll of warehouse operations. Furthermore, the proposed solution, needed to be economical and support corporate values with respect to the environment.

Our approach

Corplex proposed a range of reusable and recyclable pick bin boxes and trays made of extruded polypropylene corrugated plastics and plastics bubble structure that fit the supply chain and would facilitate order picking in the customers distribution warehouses.

Picking solutions made of polypropylene plastics are lightweight and the material resiliency is able to withstand the toll involved in warehouse operations. The material is 100% recyclable at the end of its useful life.

Our solution

The type of polypropylene pick-bins and trays proposed and chosen by the customer withstand the toll of warehouse conditions and the variety of products they hold.

The variety of picking boxes and trays with either one or two sides opening was custom designed to fit picking requirements. In addition, the material used varies depending on the type of picking, either static or dynamic buffer storage.

Akylux® polypropylene solutions were proposed for static picking on shelves and Akyboard® solutions which are more robust for handling were proposed for the dynamic conveyors. 

The results

The customer adopted the solutions proposed as they were economical, reusable and complied with the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility policy regarding the environment. It was very important for the company to find a supplier who could meet these requirements.

Corplex is in the path of developing similar solutions for this market and duplicate this success at a wider scope.