Corplex: Sustainable by design

In this field of strategic importance for any industry, Corplex, global extruded polypropylene and polycarbonate sheet manufacturer, undeniably has an edge. 

With more than 650 employees across its 11 sites in Europe and the USA, the world leader in extruded plastics has proven to fully support its clients when it comes down to developing bespoke -but affordable- logistics and storage packaging solutions. Even before it became a trending topic Corplex took into account the imperatives of being environmentally responsible, and can now pass on impressive gains on sustainability to its customers. How? First, by being committed to the circular economy, and secondly, by designing solution-oriented products.

Cardboard VS Plastics

Better than cardboard: the breakthrough of the circular economy for plastics solutions

It is now a scientific truth that a Corplex customer, benefitting from using and reusing polypropylene packaging in a closed loop, is more eco-efficient than a company that uses cardboard for its logistics. 

There are multiple reasons for this. 

First, plastic packaging has a lifespan of ten years of continued reuse, compared to a single trip for a cardboard container. Recycling one ton of cardboard paper also produces 330kg of CO² and consumes 80 to 90% more water than recycling the same amount of plastic, which releases only 184kg in CO² or 44% less versus cardboard. 

Moreover, Corplex has implemented a plastics recovery solution consisting of collecting back the polypropylene products from its clients, mechanically grinding end-of-life products and reusing the resin to make new products with the same use, without downgrading. 

Lastly, this recovery program is not chargeable, but remunerated. This is part of a service ensuring Corplex plastics solutions, whether in sheet or packaging form, become a value add for its clients instead of being an operating expense. A service over which Corplex has undisputable know-how: its recycling division was founded back in 1977.

The 5r's principles

Corplex products: designed for financial and environmental savings

But innovative recycling is not the end of the story when it comes to reducing CO² emissions. Working closely with its customers through more than half a century, Corplex has managed to create a broad array of tailor-made storage, transit and packaging solutions for its clients, in parallel to off-the-shelf, standardised solutions that fully apply the 5R’s methodology to product design (Remove, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Repurpose).

The design constantly adapts to the needs, whether in the automotive industry, food and beverages, pharmaceutical sectors or any logistical applications… With strong benefits in terms of product volume, weight, ease for workers, and content protection. The result: packaging that optimizes truck loads, less incidents during logistics processes and minimal energy spoilage, zero packaging waste, improved ergonomics and of course, substantial savings. The perfect balance between sustainability and industrial efficiency? 

Let’s say Corplex is one of the very few that know how to reduce the environmental impact… in a smart way.

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