Corplex Pharmaceutical Market Manager Talks About Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Corplex  specializes in hygienic packaging solution and has developed a dedicated range of products AkyPure® for the pharmaceutical industry. Pascal Schelcher, Pharmaceutical Market Manager of the AkyPure line of hygienic packaging, speaks about the company’s experience in the industry, strategic partners, and what he plans to accomplish with key industry partners in the future.

Pascal, what do you plan to accomplish in your role as Pharmaceutical Market Manager of Corplex’s AkyPure line of hygienic packaging?

“The main objective of this role is to establish a central point of contact for the pharmaceutical industry. Corplex has over 20 years’ experience working with key players in the industry and is being recognized as a reliable supplier delivering quality products that address some of the above-mentioned challenges. My role as central point of contact for this industry and expert in the field for more than 10 years, is to continue delivering value at the same levels of service and innovation that our customers have come to expect. Having a global view of the pharmaceutical market will support development projects within Corplex as well.”

Why is Corplex a good partner for the pharmaceutical industry?

“Through years of delivering high-standards of service and innovation, Corplex has a proven record of working together and partnering with pharmaceutical players in laboratories and at the primary packaging manufacturers’ level throughout Europe to develop valuable packaging solutions that address specific challenges. It is the products delivered from these strategic partnerships that has solidified our reputation as a trusted partner within the industry. In addition, we now have a manufacturing plant and presence in the USA that is servicing our European partners in America.”

How has Corplex risen to the continuously changing challenge of the industry?

“At Corplex we come with a knowledgeable and dedicated team of sales and packaging design professionals with a keen eye for quality and innovation. They facilitate the task of translating a challenge or idea into a product concept and up to a new solution. In addition, all our products are manufactured following Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) regulations thanks to dedicated investments in this matter and dedicated production lines.”


What is the most important issue in the pharmaceutical world that AkyPure solves?

“The most critical issue addressed by AkyPure hygienic packaging is contamination produced by packaging that is not fibre-free. Made of extruded polypropylene plastics and manufactured following CGMPs, AkyPure is fibre-free and water and moisture resistant. Another advantage is that the production process allows for easy conversion and low production tools.”

What can you tell us about the projects you are working on for the future?

“As previously mentioned, we have years of experience with the industry and understand the concerns presented by pharmaceutical packaging which has made it possible to exclude the industry from adhering to strict regulations regarding hygienic packaging.

That said, developing collections systems that could put plastics packaging into a virtuous circle regarding the environment. We have developed our own Waste Recycling Program to take back end of life AkyPure products and give them a new life. This helps show the sustainability of our products.

Our goal is to present our solutions on markets where we are not yet present within pharmaceutical clusters or pharmaceutical distributors, especially thanks to our latest AkyPak Advanced C container.

We want to continue and reinforce the idea of a tri-dimensional win-win relationship between the laboratory, the primary packaging supplier and Corplex.

Through our American factory, we want to grow our relationship with existing European customers who have a presence in North America.”

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