Corplex Make Inroads in the Aerospace Industry with a Customisable Returnable Container

A leading developer of airplane components was looking for a new packaging format to carry their aeronautical components. The packaging format used by the company was heavy and components were transported together in bulk. The firm approached Corplex for their known reputation as a developer of customized dunnage and reusable containers for all types of components.

The challenge

The challenge presented to Corplex by the manufacturer required the design of a robust, lightweight and reusable packaging solution for the intralogistics transportation of twelve different aeronautic components. Each reusable container should carry four aeronautic components weighing an average of 17kg each. The customer previously used wooden containers for the same application. Wooden containers were heavy, difficult to maintain, and all components were transported together in bulk.

Our approach

Each returnable container had to hold up to four aeronautical components from twelve different company moulds or slightly different sets of components. With no access to the actual components, Corplex used a computer modelling design software to develop an optimised returnable container model that would fit four components at a time from twelve different moulds.

The customized solution is part of Corplex AkyPak® 4You line of reusable containers, made of twin-wall polypropylene plastic. These returnable containers are lightweight, water resistant and easy to maintain. AkyPak reusable containers are collapsible, providing customers with additional savings in return logistics and transportation. AkyPak returnable bulk containers have long life-cycles and are fully recyclable at the end of their useful life.

 The results

The final design created for the customer allow them to increase the number of containers to be stacked on top of each other, optimizing full transportation load sizes and returned logistics. Because they are moisture and water resistant, AkyPak reusable containers can be stored in the outside while maintaining its durability. Furthermore, the holes in the bottom pallet of the container allows rain water to drain easily without damaging stored components or the packaging. The AkyPak 4You also comes with pallets, lids, sleeves and internal components that are completely interchangeable. That is, all parts can be replaced at any time.

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