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On March 29th and 30th, the University of Alcalá invited our company to participate in the II Employability Forum, the largest convention of companies in the Henares area, the most important at an industrial level in the community of Madrid.

More than 80 companies, both national and international, participated in the forum. During these two days, all companies who have requested it have been given the opportunity to create a virtual stand and, in addition, to make a workshop, where we could get in touch with students and alumni, both from the UAH and from other universities or educational centers.

This interactive workshop gave us the opportunity to introduce our company and all the participants were able to ask questions and share their concerns. We had a very pleasant time with the potential candidates, presenting the video that we have created to show Corplex Iberia and giving some insight of our company culture and values. We received very positive feedback on both the positioning of our company and the timeshare. Likewise, we have received a large number of applications from interested people who say they want to be part of our little big family.

Thanks to everyone who connected with us during our “JOIN US: Reducing Environmental Impact” presentation.

Finally, we are very grateful to the University of Alcalá for inviting us to participate in this II Employability Forum and, in this way, to make us more known in this area.