Corplex supports the Food Bank in Madrid with a donation of AkyPak® containers

Corplex supports the Food Bank in Madrid with a donation of AkyPak® Containers

The Food Bank in Madrid is a non-for-profit organization dedicated to the collection of donated food for their distribution to people in need. It is run by about 410 permanent volunteers, who organize the collection of +27 million kilos of food items per month to get them distributed to families in need. 

Corplex has been inspired by the commitment of this organisation and wanted to take its part in this ambitious and worthwhile project. 

A very organised supply cycle  

Once collected from various sources, the donated food is shipped to 3 warehouses of the Food Bank in Madrid. They are sorted, stored and packs prepared with mixed items (dry goods, canned, baby food, fresh fruits and vegetables). Prepared packs are put in AkyPak® large 1200x800mm foldable containers and sent over to about 600 charity partners (feeding centers, nursing homes, foster homes, foundations, associations, churches…) for their local distribution. 

 The need to choose the right package to avoid loss of food 

For many years, the Food Bank was used to transporting food items in cardboard boxes and wooden pallets. The main issue with cardboard boxes is that they would break, bulge or collapse under pressure from contents, causing items to fall to the ground and spill (for instance, bags of flour, baby food, sugar or rice). Also, they could not contain fresh fruits and vegetables because their moisture would cause the cardboard to disintegrate, causing more food spillage and waste. 

For an organisation so bent on preventing hunger, food waste is simply not acceptable, especially in this case where about 200.000 people need to be fed every month thanks to the Food Bank.. Thus, the quest for finding the right packaging began. 

Corplex’ AkyPak® containers chosen to improve logistics and ergonomics  

The Food Bank approached Corplex for a moisture-resistant and durable packaging solution to help prevent food spoilage  

Costs-savings were important to the Bank, so they were drawn to our AkyPak® containers that can be stacked up to 4 containers high, eliminating the need to buy extra shelving units. 

The ergonomics advantages were also considerable for the volunteers to be able to put and retrieve food packagings very easily in the AkyPak® containers thanks to the sleeve window. 

 A long-lasting and eco-friendly deployment 

The initial need of the Food Bank was based on 800 AkyPak® containers over which Corplex donated 40 units to support the mission of the organisation. 

The main results were the gain of space and money due to the elimination of costly shelving units in their warehouses and of food waste. The gain of space resulted in the possibility to accommodate more food donations. 

Corplex reusable AkyPak® containers offered to the charity partners a great environmentally friendly and ergonomic alternative thanks to their ease of use and flat-folding capabilities for their empty return to the warehouse. Thanks to this, they can reuse them in regular loops with the Food Bank warehouse and thus, avoid sending them to a municipality recycle bin after each single use. Saving unnecessary packaging costs and packaging waste remains a win-win all-around. 

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