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Corplex Slovakia, Slovak Telekom and Packeta Slovakia: A Union Leading Sustainability in Packaging and Logistics

Corplex Slovakia, Slovak Telekom and Packeta Slovakia’s adoption of recyclable packaging signifies a monumental stride toward a more sustainable future.

A Sustainable Partnership Unveiled

Corplex Slovakia is thrilled to announce a momentous partnership that is set to transform the logistics and e-commerce sectors, leading the charge in sustainability. Collaborating with Slovak Telekom and Packeta Slovakia, we are embarking on an inspiring journey toward a greener future through the introduction of recyclable returnable packaging.

In this remarkable display of commitment to sustainability, Corplex Slovakia in cooperation with Slovak Telekom and Packeta Slovakia have joined forces to lead a transformative initiative poised to revolutionize not only e-commerce but also the logistics sector by reshaping the landscape of sustainability through customer-centric operations. This transformative partnership revolves around reimagining packaging materials from multiple perspectives, including size and material composition. With this collaboration, the collective strength of multiple sectors is set to foster in a new era of eco-conscious packaging and delivery practices.

Recognizing the immense potential at the crossroads of e-commerce and logistics, Corplex Slovakia, Slovak Telekom, and Packeta Slovakia have converged their expertise to champion a paradigm shift in sustainable packaging and logistics. The success of this transformative initiative hinges on collaborative partnerships. Slovak Telekom joins forces with Packeta Slovakia for distribution and packaging recovery, while Corplex Slovakia contributes to the production and recycling of returnable packaging. This multi-pronged approach underscores the potential for cross-industry synergy.

"At Slovak Telekom, we systematically focus on improving our delivery services to benefit our customers. In this project, our focus was on packaging materials, which we have already addressed from various perspectives, including size and material composition. However, we felt that there was more to explore. For a considerable period, we contemplated the idea of introducing returnable packaging for our delivered shipments, akin to the concept of returnable bottles. Thanks to the collaborative efforts of Slovak Telekom, Packeta, and Corplex, this concept has become a reality. We are currently conducting a customer pilot, with plans for a full commercial in the future,"
Mr. Martin Zmeškal
Head of Retail Logistics & Warehousing at Slovak Telekom.
Corplex - Slovak Telekom - Packekata Slovakia

The Collaborative Returnable Packaging Effort

The pilot phase, which launched in August 2023, exclusively targets online orders of mobile devices, with a Telekom plan from the web, to be delivered by Packeta’s home delivery service. In this program, mobile device orders will be transported by Packeta Slovakia in specialized Corplex AkyPak® reusable boxes, meticulously designed for multiple uses. This ingenious packaging material ensures the safety of the delivered devices while championing environmental sustainability through reusability. Customers are granted the privilege of opening the returnable packaging in the presence of a courier, guaranteeing transparency, and enabling immediate inspection of their received goods.

This visionary initiative results in a significant reduction in CO2 emissions, preservation of vital resources, minimization of lifecycle costs, and a remarkable reduction in plastic waste.

"The goal is to revolutionize how companies and customers interact with packaging materials. Single-use packaging is no longer sustainable. We want to create returnable packaging that customers can use dozens of times. When it wears out, we recycle it and make new packaging out of it, all right here at Corplex in Hurbanovo. This shift will save hundreds of tons of waste," emphasizes Mr. František Beták, General Manager at Corplex Slovakia.
Mr. František Beták
General Manager at Corplex Slovakia

The pilot operation signifies a significant leap toward sustainable logistics. Couriers are no longer solely responsible for deliveries; they are now stewards of the environment, collecting returnable packaging for future use, thereby aligning e-commerce practices with eco-friendly objectives.

“…even though we are red, we think green. Within e-commerce, we perceive a large space to help our partners mainly with packaging materials. We are very pleased that Telekom is the first such partner. I hope it will be an inspiration not only for our other customers, but also for the entire market. Our mission is to help with this.”
Mr. Alexander Jančo
Managing Director of Packeta Slovakia

Setting new Industry Standards

Corplex Slovakia, Slovak Telekom and Packeta Slovakia’s adoption of recyclable packaging signifies a monumental stride toward a more sustainable future. By combining their strengths in e-commerce and logistics, these industry leaders are setting new standards for eco-friendliness, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Their collaboration showcases the immense potential that lies in merging traditionally distinct industries to achieve common sustainability goals.

Slovak Telekom has been at the forefront of this groundbreaking initiative and Corplex Slovakia is immensely proud to be a pivotal contributor in its success by providing the essential tool, the AkyPak® reusable box, a returnable packaging solution. Our dedication to sustainability and innovation drives our enthusiasm as we look forward to making a significant and lasting impact on both the industry and the environment through our collaborative partnership with Slovak Telekom and Packeta Slovakia.

About Corplex Slovakia:

Corplex Slovakia is a trailblazer in the realm of innovative packaging solutions, specializing in the production and recycling of returnable packaging materials. We are dedicated to fostering a more eco-conscious future in packaging and logistics through unwavering commitment to sustainability and innovation.

About Slovak Telekom:

Slovak Telekom is a telecommunications giant, leading the charge in sustainability and innovation. We are committed to minimizing our environmental footprint while elevating customer experiences through sustainable practices across our supply chain.


About Packeta Slovakia :

Packeta Slovakia is not only the market leader in last-mile delivery but is also known for its unwavering dedication to sustainability and customer convenience. By championing sustainable practices and eco-friendly solutions, Packeta Slovakia aspires to revolutionize the logistics industry while minimizing its environmental impact.