Corplex Slovakia achieves a big step forward in circular economy of plastics in 2020

Corplex positions circular economy at the heart of its strategy

Corplex goes beyond the traditional linear supply chain and economic model to offer products that are highly reusable, have a longer life-cycle and can be returned, recycled & repurposed at the end of their useful life.

Corplex provides sustainable solutions that focus on effective product re-use and plastic recycling and is dedicated to be an outlet for the circular economy. Corplex commitment’s to sustainability goes even further by producing not only reusable solutions but long life-cycle and recyclable solutions as part of its daily business process.

Our plastic packaging are designed to bring the advantages of circular economy principles to our customers, by reducing their environmental impact, CO2 footprint while saving their costs for the packaging of their products

Corplex Slovakia has built strong partnership with its customers through its waste collection program

Corplex Slovakia has built strong relationship with its customers and succeeded in positioning itself not only as a manufacturer of packaging solutions, but also in taking the responsibility for them after they have been reused multiple times during their life-cycle.

We think that our responsibility as industrial goes beyond manufacturing and selling products. We believe that we owe a better awareness of plastics virtuous use in our everyday lives. Not only it is a durable, robust, versatile material, but also it has the  advantages of being easily recyclable and repurposed in new life-cycles as many times as necessary.

The lifecycle of our packaging solutions comes to end after months or years being used. Each of our production facility in Europe and in the USA is equipped with certified recycling equipment, which helps us achieve our goal to recycle the material and give it a second life by using the regrind material in new products.

We are proud to announce, that during the difficult year 2020, Corplex Slovakia has kept on pushing efforts to fulfill our commitment. Our production plant in Hurbanovo, Slovakia has recycled not less than 2771 tons of extruded polypropylene material taken back from our customers and reused it for production of new plastic packaging solutions for the Central European countries.

Embark with Corplex to explore this program and benefit from all its advantages

Corplex is not only focusing on the circularity of its products, but also understands the business needs of its partners.

By participating in this program, Corplex gives its customers the opportunity to earn additional profit from their waste. We call it buy-back option, and in 2020 this option was used by our customers to sell to us 1119 tons of their materials rather than dispose to landfill.

We believe that increasing this part of recycled material will bring even more benefit to our partners during next years, when circular economy principles that we try to enforce will be part of our everyday  lives.

Apart from the economic advantages, this buy-back program is also a way to increase our customers’ brand image in demonstrating to their own customers their involvement in sustainability.

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