Corplex launches a reusable and easy to fold AkyPak® Pop ’n Drop container

Corplex launches a reusable and easy to fold
AkyPak® Pop ’n Drop container

The new AkyPak® Pop ’n Drop container by Corplex will be showcased at LogiMAT in Stuttgart May 31-June 2. This recently patented eco-efficient packaging solution is part of Corplex’ commitment to research, develop, design and launch innovative products bolstering ergonomics and simplicity in intralogistics processes.

Problem solved: ergonomics and logistics processes are compatible!

When you think about logistics, all is about ergonomics, efficiency, and process optimization. Indeed, handling heavy containers and being able to store them can quickly become a nightmare. Thanks to its culture of continuous improvement and innovation, Corplex has developed and is ready to launch its newest addition to the AkyPak® containers line-up.

Aptly named Pop ’n Drop due to the ease of pulling up and pushing down its 4-walls for opening and closing the unit, its unique value proposition lies in the incredible ergonomics and easy handling of this versatile container. Thanks to its clever design, AkyPak® Pop ’n Drop reduces the risk of having back pain or other potential injuries, preventing musculoskeletal disorders and protecting the health and safety of operators. This, coupled with the other advantages common to all containers in the AkyPak® family such as their ability to fold flat when empty and be stacked for efficient use of warehouse and transportation space, makes the Pop ´n Drop one of the smartest designs in the Foldable Large Containers category.

AkyPak® Pop ’n Drop

Standard and on-demand sizes to carry your brand message

Currently available in 1200x800mm and 1200x1000mm sizes, it offers a wide volume to store and transport, but could be adapted to other bespoke formats. Additionally, AkyPak® Pop ’n Drop has got 4 printable walls with a flat, smooth surface optimal for promoting brand messages and useful instructions. Its flat bottom with no roughness allows easy storage of your products, whereas its removable doors allow easy access to goods to be placed inside or picked up from the container.

An all-in-one container perfectly suited to automatic lines

AkyPak® Pop ‘n Drop is an all-in-one container including the pallet and the lid. The pallet is welded to the sleeve through a collar. The sleeve itself is divided into 4 lightweight separate walls that can be lifted or folded flat independently. The solution has been thought of in a way to be able to erect and fold the sleeve flat so that even line robots could do it. Consequently, this design perfectly adapts to systems with automated lines.

Eco-design is not only a target, but also a full journey

AkyPak Pop ’n Drop is a sustainable packaging solution made with a high proportion of recycled material. Highly durable and impact resistant, it is reusable for multiple reuse loops, thus avoiding the waste due to single-use packaging. Thanks to its mono material design, AkyPak® Pop ’n Drop can easily be recycled at the end of a long and efficient useful life. Corplex‘ Plastics Recovery Program is ideal to take the hassle-out of what to do about used products: through its buy-back scheme it recovers its end-of-life products to recycle the resin and repurpose it into new reusable packaging solutions. This is how Corplex contributes to the circular economy for plastics.

 Versatility to adapt to the most demanding markets

AkyPak® Pop ‘n Drop is a multimarket container. It can be used for very strict markets such as automotive, but also can be adapted to a variety of other industries such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, e-commerce or retail. Applications are limited only to the user´s imagination.

About Corplex

Corplex is a market leader in sustainable plastics solutions for numerous market segments.

With 11 sales, design and manufacturing facilities strategically located in France, the United Kingdom, Spain, Slovakia and the USA, we deliver every day award-winning products to customers around the globe.

At Corplex, we focus on effective product reuse and plastic recycling. Our extensive range of products and applications are perfectly placed to take on the challenge of providing innovative products that drive carbon footprint reduction.

Corplex’ sustainable project is to accelerate the transition to a circular economy for plastics.

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