Corplex’ AkyPak® reusable trays are ideal to protect medical protheses

LINK, a German leader in the large joint replacement market worldwide was on the lookout for a bespoke packaging solution to transport arthroplasty products from its investment casting foundry in Berlin to its production facility near Hamburg.

LINK’s key requirement was to design, develop and deliver packaging with dividers to ensure sensitive medical protheses remain protected during the long haul between its two locations. Options were to be assessed against packaging’s ability to maintain the integrity of the pieces during the handling, transport, warehouse storage and processing phases.

In working with LINK, Corplex´s customer-first approach meant focusing on their needs, striving to understand what is important to the client and getting to know in detail the nature of each of the products to be packed. Only after understanding the peculiarities of each device – knee and hip replacements of different lengths and diameters – Corplex Design Team was briefed to come up with the best packaging solution, tailored to each of the pieces for optimal protection.

As a result, five different trays were prototyped to fit in seamlessly with LINK’s transport method.

The bespoke trays have the advantage to all have the same external dimensions, with inner fittings customized to each medical protheses. The purpose of this approach is two-fold: on the one hand, standardized external dimensions simplify processes; on the other, customized interiors ensure optimized protection and space maximization, so that a maximum number of protheses can be safely transported in a single tray.

Corplex’ AkyPak® trays are made of black corrugated polypropylene that is cGMP compliant, fiber-free, water and moisture resistant, and easy to handle. This lightweight and non-shedding material is an ideal fit with an industry preoccupied by observing the strictest hygiene requirements. Further to this, the durability of corrugated polypropylene means AkyPak® trays do not need to be replaced for approximately 7-9 years, during which time they will be used many times over in LINK’s internal logistic loops between its two facilities. They are also monomaterial and fully recyclable.

Mr. Helge Dewenter, Head of Cleaning Processes and Packaging said: „Thanks to our collaboration with Corplex we have found a packaging solution that is both efficient for our production process and environmentally friendly.”

About Link:

Founded 1948 in Hamburg, Germany, Waldemar Link GmbH & Co. KG (LINK)  is present in over 60 countries worldwide and it is among the leading players in the large joint replacement market. A pioneer of modern joint reconstruction LINK has products which have set new standards and given it a respected name among the orthopedic community worldwide. Its strong position in some of the largest markets along with continuously modernized production technologies, have given LINK the necessary economies of scale to be very competitive in even the most challenging growth markets.

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