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AkyPlen® Solid polypropylene sheets

AkyPlen® solid polypropylene sheets are a highly flexible and easily printable material that offers solutions for all designs utilising screen printing, offset printing, inkjet printing or hot film blocking. Easy to convert, it is the ideal material for promotional labels, displays, or packaging. Resistant and durable, it is entirely recyclable at the end of its life. 

visual communication akyplen

AkyPlen® Specifications Data

Thickness Range from 0.3mm – 2.0mm
Surface Gloss, sand or quartz
Optional Additives UV, Flame Retardant (on request)
Printing 2 sided, Flexographic, Screen, Digital

AkyPlen® Rigid

More rigid & opaque than our orignal AkyPlen®, AkyPlen® Rigid offers printability without any primer. It is ideally suited for horticol labels and is a good alternative to Polystryrene or PVC  solutions. 

from 0.3mm to 1.2mm

visual communication akyplen