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Multidirectional rigidity polypropylene board

AkyPrint® polypropylene printing materials offer a durable bubble structured core with a sanded printing surface, which is excellent for high quality single or two-sided printing. AkyPrint® sheets are resistant to weather, chemical, oil and surface scratches, making it usable for both indoor and outdoor applications such as billboards, trade show displays, directional signage and much more.

visual communication bubble structure

AkyPrint® Specifications Data

Thickness Range from 3.0mm – 9.6mm
Grammage/m2 750gsm – 2600gsm
Colours White (other colors optionnal)
Optional Additives UV, Flame Retardant (on request)
Printing Silk-screen, Digital

AkyPrint® Black

The use of a black sheets opens new opportunities in a competitive market for signage in areas like museums and decoration projects. AkyPrint’s properties such as water resistance and rigidity mean that AkyPrint® Black will retain high-contrast, easy-to-read printed panels for years to come.

4mm – 1300gsm

visual communication bubble structure
visual communication bubble structure


Lighter than AkyPrint®, AkyLite® is ideal for short term advertising such a election panels or promotional sales. It has a flat, uniform and smooth printing surface for high-impact and quality single-sided graphics. 

from 2,5mm –450gsm to 2,9mm 600gsm

visual communication bubble structure

AkyPrint® & AkyLite® 3R

Sharing the same mechanical and printing properties as the original AkyPrint® & AkyLite®, the 3R version has a black bubble structure made of recycled material. AkyPrint® 3R & AkyLite® 3R are the ideal alternatives for a strong commitment into sustainable printing materials.

AkyLite® 3R Dimension:
2.5mm – 450gsm & 2.9 – 600gsm

AkyPrint® 3R Dimension:
from 3.0mm – 750gsm to 5.4 – 1600gsm

visual communication bubble structure