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visual communication

From election campaigns to door-to-door sales, from retail advertising to sporting events, Corplex graphic material has become the indoor and outdoor printing medium of choice for the graphics industry, thanks to its wide portfolio.

Well known around the world, you may have heard of Correx® or AkyLux® material. Often imitated, but never to our standard, our brands have become references in many industries, especially for visual communication.

Our many years’ experience in the market has allowed us to develop innovative printing materials with an efficient production process for cost effective and highly qualitative products. Whether the structure is fluted, plain or with a honeycomb core, our polypropylene sheets are easy to convert, lightweight and weatherproof, providing the highest quality render for your visual communication.

Produced in volume and supplied via our network of trusted distributors, Corplex’s polypropylene printing material has become the reliable product of choice for the visual communications market. Corplex’s printing material portfolio is the environmentally friendly alternative to expanded foam PVC or aluminium board solutions. Entirely recyclable at the end of their useful life, Corplex offers a take-back program to reprocess the products into new applications and create a closed-loop system.

visual communication

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