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Sleeve Pack

Combined with a pallet and lid, the AkyPak® Sleeve is ideal for creating a lightweight and strong container. Its excellent rigidity is provided by the AkyBoard® bubble structure polypropylene sheet, acting like a shield protecting your products from impacts or weather aggression. With a life span up to 10 years, it is fully recyclable at the end of its useful life.

from 800x600mm to 1900x1200mm (other possible on request)

M or Z 

100% Polypropylene

Standard grey (other colours possible on request)

Intelligent finishes


As soon as a regular freights are identified between two locations, we can speak of a logistic loop or closed loop. For example a central distribution centre and its retail stores or the manufacturer of a car component and the assembling plant of the car, we can speak of a logistic loop or closed loop.

The close supply chain principles refers to the idea that the supply chain is intended to maintain and recover value from unused packaging, while optimizing efficiency and reducing waste. 

Returnable and Foldable packaging are ideal for logistics loops because they can be reused multiple times, and folded when empty to reduce space, and thus reduce trucks on road.

M & Z folding are 2 different ways how to fold the sleeve inside the set (pallet + lid) for an empty return of the AkyPak containers. The type of folding will depend on the height of the sleeve.

Either the height of the polypropylene AkyPak sleeve is less than the width of the pallet and, in this case, the sleeve can be folded in M, that is to say the shorter sides come folded and go inside the sleeve. With this type of folding, there are 4 different layers of thickness and the total height of the sleeve is approximately 50mm.

Or, if the height of the AkyPak sleeve is higher than the width of the pallet, then the sleeve must be folded in Z, that’s to say in 3 parts. With this type of folding, there are 6 different layers of thickness and the total height of the sleeve is approximately 70mm.

AkyPak sleeve can be compatible with any type of pallet. Thanks to its design teams, Corplex can adapt the design of the AkyPak sleeve according to the type of pallet. Whether it is a wooden, a plastic or any other type of pallet, Corplex will propose you the best solution to optimize your logistics loops.

AkyPak sleeve are designed according to your specific needs. Whether you need a label holder, a PTFC label carrier, a dedicated printing on it, special slots, single or double score, doors with Velcro or snap closure system, internal fittings to store and protect your goods, or special features such as ESD treatment, Corplex can offer you a wide range of options.

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