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Battery Pack

With more than 10 years of successful solution development in Battery Packaging, Corplex has a complete understanding of every aspect of battery constraints and its logistics challenges. Whether you need packaging to store a UN certified battery in your warehouse, to transport it from the battery plant to the Vehicle assembly plant or to deliver spare batteries to car repair centers, we will provide you an efficient solution to tackle your challenges.



Our Battery Packaging for Electric Vehicle (EV) and Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) meet with the UN3840 Certification “Dangerous Good Transport” (ADR Class 9) P902 & P903.

Compare to molded solutions, we can adapt your packaging following the evolution of your batteries without need to invest in new molds.

They are 100% recyclable at the end of their useful life (up to 10 years). Corplex provides a hassle-free Customer Take back program to collect old packaging and recycle them into brand new applications. Read more information about this program.

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