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AkyPak® Advanced

AkyPak® Advanced container is a Returnable Transit Packaging (RTP) foldable in one-piece set when empty. The sleeve is tucked in between the pallet base and the lid, allowing highly efficient returns. Compatible with AGVs and traditional forklifts, it is robust, lightweight and provides optimal protection to your goods.

from 800x600mm to 1900x1200mm


Thermoformed Pallet base & Lid
Extruded Sleeve

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AkyPak® Advanced Clean

AkyPak® Advanced Clean features a flat tray with a smooth surface that is easy to clean. Depending on the sensitive nature of the goods and the logistical conditions, this large bulk container is the ideal choice to prevent the accumulation of dust and to ensure the safety of your sensitive items during storage and transport.

Dimensions : 1200x800mm

AkyPak Advanced clean
AkyPak Advanced large

AkyPak® Advanced Large

The AkyPak® Advanced Large is designed to maximize fill rate of courtainside trucks and trailers, saving on labour costs and number of trips for delivery. It features a hook to secure the lid upright during loading and unloading, thus saving warehouse floor space. Foldable when empty, it allows safe stacking of up to 11 empty containers, substantially optimizing storage space.

Dimension: 1235x830mm

AkyPak Advanced large

AkyPak® Advanced M

“M” Standing for “Modular”, the AkyPak Advanced M range of container is designed to allow the combination of different style and size of containers. 

Dimension: 800x600mm & 1200x800mm

AkyPak Advanced M
AkyPak Advanced R

AkyPak® Advanced Reinforced

The AkyPak® Advanced Reinforced is the best light alternative to fold-down metal containers. Benefiting of the lightness of plastics pallet boxes, it is reinforced with metal bars to ensure robustness and safe protection to your heavy goods during shipment.

Dimension: 1230x1020mm & 1240x835mm

AkyPak Advanced R

Bespoke Solutions

Your project require specific customisation or dimensions ? Our expert design team will provide you with tailor-made solutions to tackle your packaging challenges. Explain your projects by contacting us and get a quick answer. 


As soon as a regular freight is identified between two locations, we can speak of a logistics loop or closed loop. For example a central distribution centre and its retail stores or the manufacturer of a car component and the car assembly plant, we can speak of a logistics loop or closed loop.

Closed loop supply chain principles refer to the idea that the supply chain is designed to maintain and recover the value of unused packaging, while maximising efficiency and reducing waste.

Returnable and foldable packaging is ideal for logistics loops as it can be reused several times, and folded when empty to reduce space, thus reducing the number of trucks on the road.

FLC stands for Foldable Large Container. It is a container designed to optimise space when not in use thanks to its collapsible sleeve.

Returnable Transport Packaging (RTP) or reusable transport packaging is multi-purpose packaging in which goods can be transported more than once between two entities. Single-use packaging, on the other hand, will only be used once.



One of the largest telecommunication providers in France selects Corplex AkyPak™ polypropylene returnable containers as the preferred solution to transport household electronics and reduce costs and waste.

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