Packaging Solutions for the Battery Supply Chain

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Over 10 years alongside major OEM’s automotive tier suppliers

Batteries are sensitive goods to transit and require specific packaging to ship or store them safely. Corplex has worked with globally recognized OEM’s and Automotive tier suppliers for decades building up a wealth of knowledge and experience in the Automotive sector.


We have a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of Battery Packaging and relevant regulations to supply Returnable Solutions to the Customer’s own bespoke requirements. In the last 10 years, we have worked alongside major manufacturers to develop battery packaging solutions adapted to their unique needs.

UN Certified Packaging for Industrial Batteries

Building on the foundation of safety, our packaging is tailored based on the specific type and quantity of industrial batteries to be transported.


Our AkyPak® containers can be certified to UN 38.3 packaging standards, specifically designed for the transportation of industrial batteries classified as dangerous solid goods. This certification guarantees that our containers provide proper containment in the event of an impact, preventing leakage into the environment while minimizing risks to handlers, the ecosystem, and the overall supply chain.

Corplex ability to obtain UN packaging certification gives you the peace of mind that our packaging solutions can be designed to withstand the potential hazards associated with battery transportation.

This serves as evidence to the rigorous testing and evaluation our packaging solutions undergo to meet stringent safety standards.

AkyPak® Elec Packaging for electronics devices

Powering Electric Mobility:
Corplex's Complete Supply Chain Support

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Corplex offers comprehensive support to Electric Vehicle (EV) manufacturers throughout the entirety of their supply chain journey. 

From the initial stages of packaging battery cells and modules prior to assembly, to the intricate packaging of battery packs and systems, as well as harnesses and electronic components, Corplex ensures precision and reliability at every step. 

Our expertise extends beyond assembly, addressing the end-of-life phase of batteries, specifically focusing on non-critically damaged batteries. With a keen understanding of the unique challenges within the EV industry, Corplex provides tailored solutions to optimise efficiency, minimise risks, and uphold sustainability standards.


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Bespoke Packaging for many batteries applications

Lithium-ion batteries have become an integral part of our daily lives due to their high energy density and long lifespan. Whether it is for smartphones, laptops, electric bicycle or renewable energy storage, packaging for lithium-ion batteries are crucial to ensure safety.


Corplex works hands-in-hands with its partners to developp dedicated packaging solutions for their battery needs.

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