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AkyDrive® Flooring Solutions

Increase your load capacity with light and extremely resistant polypropylene floor protection.

Customisable and easy to convert, it can be cut to bespoke formats with a choice of finishes. Cleanable, resistant to water and chemicals, AkyDrive® Flooring is a highly durable solution answering the requirements of heavy use. Environmentally friendly, it is entirely recyclable at the end of it’s useful life.

automotive protection flooring



Akydrive sheets are made of polypropylene (PP). Polypropylene plastic is more environmentally friendly than some other plastics or aluminium products. It is fully recyclable and doesn’t release as many toxins such as PVC for example. Moreover, AkyDrive® products are developed according to the EU-Directive 2000/53/EG, EU-end-of-life-vehicle directive. This directive requires components to be easy to dismantle and recyclable.

AkyDrive® Polypropylene sheets are 50% to 70% lighter than wood, reducing significantly the weight of your vehicle and thus its co2 emissions, making it a great solution for meeting WLTP requirements.

The bubble structure of AkyDrive sheets deliver high multiway mechanical properties, making AkyDrive sheets more resistant than alternative products. The properpeties of Polypropylene makes it rot-proof, resistant to water and to chemical.