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8th site for Corplex, under the name of Corplex Recycling

GeboPlast created in 1977, was composed of 2 sites located in the North East of France.

This well-known French company on plastic recycling, was specialized in different activities such as shredding, pelletizing, densification and compounding.

This company with a long expertise and history will now operate under the name of Corplex Recycling.

Corplex Recycling  will provide to Corplex a full business expertise in plastics extrusion and recycling. 

Corplex Recycling, an established expertise in plastics recycling

Ideally located closed to Corplex France Kaysersberg, Corplex Recycling will be able to process more than 15.000 tons per year thanks to its  two sites in Alsace.

The company has solid skills in several technologies including pre-processing and transformation of thermoplastics, as well as the production of custom compounds.

Both sites are qualified for the recycling of plastics materials including PE (Polyethylene), PP (Polypropylene), PS (Polystyrene) and PC (Polycarbonate).

transition to a circular economy of plastics

With the acquisition of Corplex Recycling, Corplex’ Group confirms its transition to a circular economy of plastics

Recognised on their respective markets for more than 40 years, the Corplex and Corplex Recycling’ range of offers complement one another perfectly, in particular in the fields of innovation, sustainable development and customer service. 

“Through this acquisition, we confirm our vision to accelerate the transition to a circular economy for plastics”, says Lucas van der Schalk, CEO of Corplex.

All in all, thanks to its Collect and Recycling services, Corplex group is now able to master the whole plastics supply chain from cradle to cradle, to take products back at the end of their usefull lifetime and to recycle them. From wastes to new plastics compounds, Corplex Recycling resin meets the quality requirements to be introduced into new production processes.

Committed into sustainable use of Plastics, Corplex’ offers meets circular economy with light-weight, high-quality and re-usable products and systems designed to be efficient and to be used in continuous cycles without losing their integrity or quality.