Corplex has just been nominated for an EPSE Award in Sustainability!

Since 2007 EPSE organizes the awards competition to recognize the most innovative, sustainable and best design projects made out of polycarbonate.

EPSE AWARDS is an internal competition, with the aim to promote unique properties of polycarbonate sheets and to showcase the wide range of applications where it can be used. Polycarbonate is a material which can be easily worked and modeled, and therefore can be used virtually for any kind of application.

The official results will be announced during the EPSE AWARDS 2022 Ceremony on October 24th at 15:30 during the K Fair in Düsseldorf.

This year, Corplex is very proud to announce that one of its projects has been nominated in the sustainability category.

As you know, Corplex is engaged in the transition to a circular economy. We strongly believe in the motto “nothing is lost, everything is transformed”. And for that reason, we have implemented a Plastics Recovery Program for all our customers. This program is a turnkey service that supports our customers’ environmental policy. One of our customers, Bluetek, a French company specialized in natural smoke ventilation and zenithal roof lighting is actively taking part in this program with us for many years. Our long-term collaboration leads to more than 40 tons of polycarbonate waste being recovered and recycled every year to be repurposed for new applications.

Plastics Recovery program

Collect & Recycling service of end of life products and wastes.

At Corplex, we believe that this type of initiatives is key, and we are looking for developing this virtuous circle among all our customers as part of our corporate social responsibility.

If you want to support our initiative, please go to the voting page and select our project.

You will be able to select project in the 2 other categories as well to submit your final vote. Voting is open until 16th October. We count on your participation and warmly thank you in advance for taking the time to answer.

Here is the link to vote*:

*For valid submission you need to choose one project from each category and scroll down to send your votes by clicking at submit you votes button.

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