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Acting on polycarbonate market since its creation, more than 50 years ago,  we have big experience in building area, our products are implemented through the world, in Stadiums, sport halls, airports, and other public and private buildings. But Akyver® it is also a brand of innovation, new ideas, new applications. Corplex used to  support the architecture and design students, AkyVer brand is keen to work with young designers to provide them our products to realize their creative and innovative project.

Inspired by house windows Pauline Pietri, a young designer, has used our Akyver® multiwall polycarbonate sheets to realize her creations: the “Bridge” and the “Curve” light fixtures.

The idea was to divert the usual use of our cellular polycarbonate sheets to recreate the ephemeral rays of light coming through the shutters in the early morning. It reveals an added value when it used curved allowing the artificial and natural light, to underline the frames of the cells by creating reflections and shadows.

After some experimentation and research into the plastic and artistic effect of the multiwall polycarbonate, she creates unique artworks exploiting another way the plastic and aesthetic capacities of polycarbonate.

Innovation and open mind are source of evolution.

Visit Pauline Pietri website: