Rugby stadium in Aix en Provence revamped with Akyver Panel 40 clip-on systems

The project aimed at replacing old translucent polyester panels with new AkyVer Panel polycarbonate clip-on systems.

The project concerns the Rugby stadium Maurice David, from the name of its founding president of the Aix Rugby Club from 1970 until 1985. The club is famous for its team who plays in the French rugby union championship of 2ᵉ division. The stadium has been renewed and expanded since 2014 with addition of new stands, the latest being installed last summer.

The challenges

The specificities of the project was based on the replacement of old cladding with new polycarbonate translucent panels.

The architect has chosen Corplex’ Akyver polycarbonate systems for this project. The length of the panels, up to 14m which where shipped in an opened truck, thus requiring a high level of expertise and control of installation on the site. Due to the bias cut and the particularly long panels, it is very important that all measures are carefully taken on the floor before the mounting.

The benefits

AkyVer Panel 40mm was selected for this project for its good resistance to the wind Furthermore, thanks to its clip-on system, AkyVer Panel offers aesthetical dimension with a plane surface without aluminium profiles. The thickness of the structure makes it very resistant to the wind and allows a very light structure to support it, enhancing the clear vision of the overall building.

The high resistance of the panels finally contributes to make substantial savings on the supporting structure, thus helping cost savings on the global project.

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