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The Challenge

To increase stadium capacity and welcome more fans, the Black Forest club located on the other side of the rhine in Germany, were due to move to their new SC (Sports Club) Stadium home in the Wolfswinkel, west of the city. This led to the construction of a brand-new stadium with a higher capacity of public.

The roof consists of more than 4,700m² of AkyVer multiwall polycarbonate sheets

Our Approach

Corplex’ approach was to design custom-made AkyVer energy-efficient panels for the stadium’s skylight. The custom-made skylight panels were manufactured in mid-March at Corplex’s factory in Kaysersberg, nearby Freiburg, Germany. The AkyVer energy-efficient panels length exceeded 10m, transforming their transport to the stadium quite challenging.

This new enclosure will welcome SC players Freiburg and spectators at the next 2020/2021 Bundesliga season.

The result

Thanks to this successful project where many people were directly or indirectly involved, thousands of football fans from the Bundesliga will be able to move to a new 34,700-capacity stadium being built in the Baden-Wurttemberg city for the next season.