With AkyVer®, the possibilities are endless for bringing your creative ideas to life!

Discover the remarkable versatility of Corplex’s AkyVer® polycarbonate sheets, a material that lends itself perfectly to all kinds of customization techniques!

Here are some of the specific advantages of polycarbonate for printing:

  • Printability: unlike some printing substrates, polycarbonate is directly printable without the need for a corona surface treatment.

  • Flat surface: Corplex AkyVer® sheets offer a perfectly flat surface. This ensures optimum adhesion and enables precise, uniform printing.

  • Durability: Polycarbonate is renowned for its durability and resistance to harsh weather conditions. When used for screen or digital printing, it provides excellent weather resistance, ensuring long-lasting prints even outdoors.

  • The wide range of inks for different printing machines makes it possible to create attractive, visually striking designs.

Customisation techniques are diverse and include the following:

  • Silk-screen printing can be used to produce repetitive designs on large or small surfaces.

  • For one-off designs or small quantities, digital printing is the ideal solution. This technique not only enables detailed customisation of motifs, but also the use of gradients and multiple colors, offering great creative freedom.

  • Finally, the lamination technique for printed self-adhesive films offers another dimension of personalisation. Allowing different random shapes to be marked on AkyVer® without covering the entire surface of the plates.

In short, with AkyVer® polycarbonate sheets, let your imagination run wild and transform your buildings into remarkable achievements. No matter which personalisation technique you choose, AkyVer® guarantees an exceptional, long-lasting end result!

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