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24,000 Serial boxes of the Slovak Telekom/Packeta Box are currently in production at Corplex!

The production kicked off in Hurbanovo with the presence of representatives from our two partner companies, Slovak Telekom and Packeta.
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Corplex Slovakia, Slovak Telekom and Packeta Slovakia: A Union Leading Sustainability in Packaging and Logistics

Corplex Slovakia, Slovak Telekom and Packeta Slovakia’s adoption of recyclable packaging signifies a monumental stride toward a more sustainable future.
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Corplex joins the new ERA

Corplex has joined the New European Reuse Alliance (New ERA) whose mission is to raise awareness on the benefits of well-managed reuse packaging systems.
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EU Packaging Waste Regulation: A Proposal Primer

The proposal for a Regulation on Packaging and Packaging Waste has been brought forth with the aim of fostering sustainability in packaging and curtailing the amount of waste generated in the European Union.
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Corplex France La Chevrolière celebrates 1000 days without accident !

Corplex France La Chevrolière is celebrating an incredible 1000 days without a work accident!
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Future of Packaging by Raconteur

A Brighter Tomorrow: How Sustainable Packaging Can Help Us Reach Our Goals

Concern over package use in general, and particularly single-use packaging, is expanding.    
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AkyVer® PanelTherm – the outmost solution double-skin polycarbonate system for your facades

Corplex has created AkyVer®, a multiwall panels and systems made of a high quality of polycarbonate for multiple application in the building market.
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KoPack is pioneering responsible eCommerce deliveries in Spain

Over the last few years, eCommerce has become an indispensable part of everyday life.
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Corplex has just been nominated for an EPSE Award in Sustainability!

This year, Corplex is very proud to announce that one of its projects has been nominated in the sustainability category.
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Corplex will be at Batimat exhibition in Paris!

From 3rd to 6th October, come and meet us at the Batimat exhibition at Porte de Versailles in Paris. Our team of experts will be there to support you in
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sustainable manufacturing

White Paper: The Circular Economy

Circular Plastics represent a very good solution to lowering your CO2 footprint where the same materials are re-used repeatedly. It is only once this life cycle has been exhausted, that we should look at recycling as a means to give the material a new life initially through mechanical recycling and in the future maybe through chemical recycling.
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Webinar – Reuse is the future of Packaging

Have questions or want to speak with us? On the 6th July, we hosted our first ever webinar together with Kras Recycling; where we discussed the Circular Economy and how
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