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Dunnage & Fittings

Internal dunnage is essential to hold and protect your product during shipment and loading/unloading. They can also be used to improve ergonomics and material handling efficiencies in manufacturing environments. We are using different types of materials to build the dividers : fabric  and rigid polypropylene divider.

Fabric Dunnage

Fabric or textile dunnages can be adapted to various containers, boxes or shelves. They are designed to keep parts separated, to prevent contact and to optimize load or the quantity of products being transported. In addition, they enable the protection of oversize and irregular-shaped parts that cannot fit into regular sized pockets or compartments.

Rigid Divider

Rigid dunnage made of extruded polypropylene can be adapted to any existing type, size or shape of packaging. This means you don’t need to change your packaging, as our rigid dunnage & dividers can be made to fit your packaging. Lightweight and highly resistant, rigid dunnages can be laminated to protect and secure your products against scratches.



A dunnage is a fitting that goes inside a box or a container to protect your components during the transport or the storage. Whether your products have square or rounded form or whether they need specific protection, Corplex can offer a various range of dunnage that are rigid or flexible.

Corplex can offer you a full packaging solution combining the dunnage together with the box or container. But in some case, if you want to keep your existing containers or boxes, Corplex can create a customized dunnage to fit inside them. Our design offices will always offer you the most appropriate solution according to your request and budget.

Corplex can propose you a wide range of dunnage and fittings that are rigid or flexible. Made of AkyLux, Correx, AkyBoard or AkyPlen rigid polypropylene sheets or of textile, Corplex adapts the type of dunnage to your specific needs.

We can also propose single sheet thermoformed trays and layer pads to create different layers inside a AkyPak container.

In certain cases where you will need to protect your products from static electricity, Corplex will propose you a solution that protects the goods your need to transport. In this case, ESD solutions are the best choice. It is important in those cases to make sure your full package is ESD compliant. Thanks to our dedicated teams of experts and our large range of ESD solutions, Corplex will accompany you to find the best packaging.



One of the largest telecommunication providers in France selects Corplex AkyPak™ polypropylene returnable containers as the preferred solution to transport household electronics and reduce costs and waste.

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