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AkyPak Container Solutions

AkyPak range of containers will fit perfectly with your Supply Cycle logistics’ needs. Cost-effective with a life-span up to 20 years, our returnable transit packaging (RTP) are designed for many different businesses in a variety of industries. At the end of its long useful life, Corplex can recycle your plastic pallet boxes into new products.

generic benefits

  • Modular, ergonomic & adaptable containers
  • Strong, light and rigid structure
  • Stackable & foldable


  • Up to 85% volume saving on return
  • Up to 20 years of lifespan = limited waste
  • Return on investment from the 1st year


  • 100% PP and PE Recyclable without sorting
  • Non toxic, Volatile organic compounds
  • Recycling without discharge of VOC, recovery by re-granulation


  • A dedicated team of Packaging Experts
  • Solutions designed and manufactured from A to Z
  • A single contact to accompany your project


AkyPak® Foldable Large Containers

Reusable & Foldable plastic container optimising space, costs & carbon footprint

Sleeve Pack

Robust, lightweight collapsible plastic sleeve to transform your pallet into container

Packaging for Electric Vehicle

Lightweight storage and transport packaging solutions for Electric Vehicle batteries

Dunnage & Fittings

Multi-material solutions to improve protection of your goods in its packaging


As soon as a regular freight is identified between two locations, we can speak of a logistics loop or closed loop. For example a central distribution centre and its retail stores or the manufacturer of a car component and the car assembly plant, we can speak of a logistics loop or closed loop.

Closed loop supply chain principles refer to the idea that the supply chain is designed to maintain and recover the value of unused packaging, while maximising efficiency and reducing waste.

Returnable and foldable packaging is ideal for logistics loops as it can be reused several times, and folded when empty to reduce space, thus reducing the number of trucks on the road.

FLC stands for Foldable Large Container. It is a container designed to optimise space when not in use thanks to its collapsible sleeve.

Returnable Transport Packaging (RTP) or reusable transport packaging is multi-purpose packaging in which goods can be transported more than once between two entities. Single-use packaging, on the other hand, will only be used once.



The Transportation of High-Value Electronics Requires the Right Packaging for the Job

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