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Whether working hand in hand with leading established retailers or providing design knowledge and cost effective solutions to online start-ups, Corplex has the expertise to optimise your operational space, improve order picking efficiency, freight efficiency and load filling through its range of generic products or customised solutions.

From manufacturer, to the distribution center, to the retail shelf, and at every step of the supply cycle, our sustainable plastic solutions will eliminate waste and reduce your carbon footprint compared to one-way alternatives. Whether you are shipping or storing groceries, mail, clothing or electrical components, Corplex will design dedicated packaging to tackle your logistical challenges.

In addition to internal supply loop logistics, we offer a wide range of returnable consumer packaging solutions that offer a high level of content protection and can be produced to the exact dimensions of your chosen contents, thereby reducing the use of unnecessary space filling materials.

With a lifespan of up to 20 years, our products can be fully recycled into new applications at the end of their useful life. With its take-back program, Corplex simplifies the collection and recycling process, closing the loop in the circular economy.

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