AkyPak® Classic ECO 1200×1000

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This hybrid container, featuring a thermoformed plastic base and lid and a triple wall corrugated cardboard sleeve, is an efficient and affordable solution to help you save space, time and money while safely storing and transporting your goods.

This solution is especially suitable for industries with high traffic of goods and product rotations, as well as for long-term storage needs, seasonal goods and product returns.

Plastic shrouds are used as reinforcement, extending the lifespan of the corrugated sleeve. When the sleeve eventually wears out it can be easily and economically be replaced by a new one, whereas the pallet base and lid will stay in your supply chain for 10 or more years.

Its return ratio is up to 4.6, depending on the type of truck for transportation.


  • Good Weight to Strength Ratio
  • Shock Resistant
  • High stacking properties
  • Suitable for Returns
  • Ideal for seasonal items
  • 100% recyclable

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Technical Data

External Dimensions (mm) 1200x1000x995
Internal Dimensions (mm) 1120x920x757
Weight of the Sleeve (kg) 6.9
Weight of the Pallet (kg) 11.7
Weight of the Lid (kg) 6.2
Box Volume (L) 780
Material  HDPE / Cardboard
Sleeve Quality (g/m²) 1750

Load Specifications

Max load per container (kg) 500*
Container stack empty return 22
Static (kg) 1500*
Dynamic (kg) 500*

*Depending on the density of goods being packed in the container. Contact us for more information.