AkyPak® Advanced Clean 1200×800

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The AkyPak® Advanced Clean features a flat deck with a smooth surface that is easy to wipe clean. Depending on the sensitive nature of the goods and logistics conditions, this  large bulk container is the ideal choice to prevent dust build-up and keep your sensitive items extra safe during storing and transport.

The AkyPak® Advanced Clean is especially suitable for industries with stricter hygiene requirements, such as health care, pharmaceutical, electronics, food packaging and others. It is suitable for automatic washing lines and can withstand moisture inhibiting mold formation.

Like other containers in the AkyPak® Advanced series, it is lightweight, puncture-resistant, durable, easy to handle, stackable, compatible with AGVs and traditional forklifts, and it is returned in one set. Its return ratio is up to 4.3, depending on the type of truck for transportation.


  • Good Weight to Strength Ratio
  • Shock Resistant
  • High lifespan (up to 10 years)
  • Stackable & Foldable
  • Water protective
  • 100% recyclable

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Technical Data

External Dimensions (mm) 1200x800x800
Internal Dimensions (mm) 1148x737x620
Weight of the Sleeve (kg) 8.9
Weight of the Pallet (kg) 10
Weight of the Lid (kg) 5.3
Box Volume (L) 525
Material  HDPE / PP
Sleeve Quality (g/m²) 3000

Load Specifications

Max load per container (kg) 500*
Container stack empty return 11
Static (kg) 750*
Dynamic (kg) 500*
Container Folded height (mm) 236 (+216 /

*Depending on the density of goods being packed in the container. Contact us for more information.